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Why Balance Point is ANE’s Exclusively Recommended Payroll Provider

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Why Balance Point is  ANE’s Exclusively Recommended Payroll ProviderANE is very select when forming relationships with other vendors because they want to provide the best possible environment for agents in their network. Balance Point is proud to be one of the choice vendors hand selected by founder John Tiene. Agency Network Exchange provides professional independent insurance agents with support, market access and the tools they need to succeed. ANE agents have access to a variety of markets and are able to really support their clients with top of the line commercial insurance companies.

At the ANE Conference, we talked to John to find out more about why he finds Balance Point worthy of ANE’s time and attention.

How did you initially find out about Balance Point?

John Tiene: When we were looking to potentially partner with a payroll company, we were referred to Balance Point through an agent who was already a Balance Point client. We interviewed a lot of companies, but this agent spoke very highly of her Balance Point sales rep, Jim Marciano. We had gotten good feedback from clients as well. Balance Point was a great option for us – great company, great technology, great pricing. So I was put in touch with Pete Luciano and we spoke about forming a relationship that worked for both of us. It was clear that we really wanted to work together so we put together an agreement and now we refer Balance Point exclusively when clients or agents are in need of payroll.

What has your experience been in working with Balance Point so far?

John Tiene: Like I said, we interviewed many companies but at the end of the day Balance Point had an established operation and reputation with best-in-class automation and software technology. Every time we refer a new client, they reconfirm everything we believe about how wonderful it is to work with Balance Point.

From what you’ve said, you are very particular about selecting vendors.

John Tiene: We don’t name a lot of preferred vendors for a lot of reasons. We have a preferred wholesale broker SRP and Balance Point as a payroll vendor – that’s it!

If that’s the case, why is it important to have a payroll vendor in your network?

John Tiene: Agents should be moving people to a payroll service that won’t compete with them by trying to sell insurance. Plus agents should provide clients with the Pay as You Go option for Workers Compensation. Giving small to mid-size clients the ability to pay worker’s comp over time is an effective tool to manage cash flow. Agents need to pay attention to and deal with this issues, instead of just handling it on a case by case basis.

Are most of your agents working with clients that don’t have a payroll provider?

John Tiene: A lot are with other providers, and some are with smaller providers that just don’t have the technology and automation that is on par with Balance Point. Clients often think it will cost a lot of money and don’t try to search out new options. BP can provide far superior service and support than they can get anywhere else.

It is important for business owners to understand the value of having world class payroll service in conjunction with insurance that a provider can offer you. Payroll reports are needed to prove health insurance, 401k, workers comp, etc. Balance Point is at the forefront of technology to allow the user to have a lot of data at their fingertips which they won’t have with other providers unless they pay for it. One thing that distinguishes BP is that the technology is built on new age infrastructure. As a result BP clients get new age support due to the architecture of systems.

What is the benefit to having separate payroll and insurance providers instead of lumping them together as other payroll companies are offering?

John Tiene: The bottom line is a payroll company doesn’t have to understand insurance and shouldn’t have to analyze the risk a business faces when it comes to insurance. They are merely providing online support and service versus an experienced risk manager who will ensure the business is getting the coverage they need to protect them from real world problems. If you want to go easy and cheap, you are going to get cheap coverage and won’t necessarily be fully protected. The premiums are the same whether the coverage is obtained from ADP/Paychex or an independent agency.

The difference is the consulting support and service with the risk assessment and management that clients just won’t get over the phone. Agents are professionally experienced and have the knowledge of the full range of services from the companies that they work with. Independent ANE insurance agent plus independent payroll is better than streamlining and the competitive pricing is lower for both payroll and insurance by going this route

Contributing editor: John Tiene.

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