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Smart Solutions for Addressing New Jersey Pay Equity

August 8, 2018

The New Jersey Pay Equity Law has forced employers to rethink how they hire, compensate, measure performance, and maintain documentation. Balance Point has identified ways in which we can be a resource in helping organizations maintain compliance to avoid hefty penalties. In this brief presentation we will share these solutions.

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Navigating the New Jersey Pay Equity Law

The passing of New Jersey’s Pay Equity law, the most comprehensive in the nation, has employers anxious to learn more.

Beginning July 1st, all NJ employers must pay the same wage and the same benefits for substantially similar work to all protected classes. This law offers fertile ground for litigation and the burden will be on employers to prove that they have not violated the law.

Join us for brief, yet insightful examination of the law. In this webinar, we will answer your questions and share what employers can do now to protect their organizations from lawsuits.

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Smart Reporting: Turning Information into Insights

It’s great that your organization’s information is being captured and organized, but how do you make use of it all? You need the ability to easily pull that information into insightful reports to guide decisions. With a single, cloud-based HCM system, you can run reports on a variety of topics as needed to help you identify trends, recognize trouble spots and take necessary action.

Discover the many benefits of running reports with Balance Point’s HCM solution, beyond ease of execution.

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Strategic Onboarding: Where Talent Meets Technology

With so much emphasis placed on attracting and hiring qualified talent, often the next step in the employee lifecycle – onboarding – is overlooked. Having the right technology in place can help satisfy the needs and wants of your newest hires while removing much of the administrative burden associated with the process.

In our brief, 25-minute demonstration you’ll learn how guided onboarding is the secret to an enriched employee experience and a more strategic approach to HR.

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Employee Self-Service and Mobile: Powered to Empower

Give them an inch and they’ll go the extra mile! HCM software with self-service and mobile features enables employees to manage personal information, request/view time off, view pay history, manage benefits enrollment, and communicate with HR. But that’s not all.

Discover how everyone within the organization can benefit from these must-have features within Balance Point’s HCM solution.

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