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Useful Scheduling Tips For Restaurants That Will Save You Money

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How Restaurants Can Utilize A Time And Labor Management SystemA local NJ restaurant was recently under fire for failing to pay overtime and proper wage rates over the course of many years to many, many employees. This particular situation led to over $300k in penalties and back pay – plus we’d imagine some hefty legal fees tacked onto that. This got us to thinking about some advice we could give local NJ/NY/etc restaurants. With employees switching shifts or staying late to finish their tables, restaurants are prone to fluctuating schedules and therefore may be at higher risk for these kinds of mishaps and oversights than other industries.

When things like this happen, employees get upset. If employees get upset, they might call the Department of Labor. It’s no big secret that you don’t want the Department of Labor getting involved in anything whatsoever if you can avoid it. The good news is you certainly can avoid it. (Repeat: You do NOT want this to happen to you. It is a tedious process that involves forking over a lot of information that most business don’t currently have available.) You can avoid it by utilizing smart Time and Labor Management (TLM) software.

How Time And Labor Management Software Can Help With Employee Scheduling

This type of software keeps an expert record of everything your managers might be too busy to oversee. For example, if you want to monitor your overtime exposure – set an alert so you know when employees are getting close to their max. TLM systems have schedulers that will allow you to have an employee stick to a specific set of hours without paying overtime. All scheduled employees will need supervisor approval for overtime before working the extra hours. If they don’t adhere, you can put them on the literal chopping block. (Get it? It’s a restaurant!) You will simply be compliant to all the laws and rules because scheduling software is customized to work the way you need it to work.

In this perfect situation, everything would be organized and in order all in one place. One main system. Your employees could use a mobile app to clock in and out, request time off, view and e-sign their time sheets, all simply and easily. This is what a TLM system allows you to do! You can block off hours that employees are unavailable so they don’t inadvertently get scheduled for a shift that they can’t work. You can see who is always late, who routinely skips shifts, who constantly has schedule changes. You will optimize your schedule and employee attendance by having information at hand that can open up a discussion with your staff. TLM software also allows time rounding so when employees come in late or leave early, they can be docked for that time if you wish.

One of the best features of all of this is that having a time and attendance system in place automatically keeps an electronic record of every single employee with their information and history including time sheets, pay rate, overtime, etc. This will make it easy should you ever need to present information to the Department of Labor or anyone else who asks.

Don’t be made into the next example of a restaurant that’s gone wrong. Don’t be next on the Department of Labor’s list of restaurants to visit. Get yourself some time and attendance software today to start a new leaf in scheduling.

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