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Top HR Articles of 2014

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2014 was a big year in HR and there was an extensive amount of content published by admired thought leaders within the industry. Here is a list we’ve compiled for you of the top 10 HR and Business articles of this year. Enjoy!

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What Talent Management, Engagement And Culture Share

From Tim Wright on Talent Culture

Company success links directly to what talent management, employee engagement and organizational culture have in common. The causal link among the three elements is powerful. It’s much like a rowing crew’s connection among rowers, oars, and scull. Previously defined, talent management is an organization’s commitment to recruit, retain, and develop the most talented and superior employees available.

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What’s Your Special Sauce?

From John Whitaker on Fistful of Talent

What makes you special? Ask someone about their “special sauce” in an interview and you get a much more personal, original, and spontaneous response.

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5 Ways A Workforce Management System Can Fix Your Revenue Leaks

From the Balance Point Team on Balance Point

Learn how a workforce management system can fix your company’s revenue leaks and your payroll leakage factors.

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The 6 Things You Need to Know to Be Great At HR

From Tim Sackett on The Time Sackett Project

The one great thing I love about going to HR and Talent conferences is that you always get reminded about what really good HR should look like.  It doesn’t mean that your shop will be there, but it gives you something to shoot for.

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The New Cause of Employee Burnout: Always Being “On”

From Sharlyn Lauby on HR Bartender

Technology helps us be more productive. But it can also require employees to always be on, even outside of work hours. Employee burnout issues.

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What Makes Employees Happy and Productive? It’s Really Pretty Basic

From China Gorman on TLNT

It seems as though we are consistently seeing data that show decreasing levels of employee engagement and feelings of fulfillment at work. This data can be, and has been, attributed to many factors, such as a lean post-recession workforce, an increasingly competitive talent landscape, and the uber-connected, uber-informed and uber-on business world in which we operate.

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A More Mindful Workforce

From Daniel Goleman on Human Resource Executive Online

Today’s executives operate in an atmosphere of distraction more intense than ever. HR can help keep these workers focused, but in order to see solutions, they need to first analyze the problems.

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Imagination is an Undeveloped Skill in HR

From Mike Haberman on Blogging4Jobs

Does your company’s HR department use their imagination to make the department better for each employee?

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The Hot HR Technology Trends Of 2014

From Meghan M. Biro on Forbes

Released in February 2014, a ‘Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery’ survey conducted by The Information Services Group presents findings, which, while not surprising, should be top of mind for leaders and talent managers everywhere.

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More than half of employees don’t feel respected

From Suzanne Lucas on CBS News

If you’re a boss, check out these tips to improve office morale — it may actually save you money and boost productivity.

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