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Top 3 Things that Contribute to Payroll Reruns and How to Quit ‘Em

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Top 3 Things that Contribute to PayrollRerunsand HowtoQuit‘EmPayroll issues are among the sometimes inevitable, but often avoidable, nuisances that strike businesses no matter how prepared they think they may be. Your payroll company should be able to help you with these fixes by asking the right questions when setting up your payroll. Even if mistakes have already happened, there are some simple implementations that can be put in place to help prevent them in the future. So you can start smooth sailing on your way to payroll paradise.

1. Incorrect Hours

Ok everyone, it’s 2015. As in, the NEW MILLENNIUM. We can send commands to robots in a completely different galaxy. So, you should be able to figure out how many hours your 29 employees work each week. And you can. Put some ever-so-simple time & attendance software in place at your company and once you set it up, all the work is done automatically behind the scenes. Not to fret, you can check in from time to time and be alerted when something seems to go awry. But overall, gone are the days of losing a paper time sheet or punch card. Welcome to the new millennium, where time and attendance software tells YOU what to do.

2. Missed Check

Nothing causes employee morale to plummet like forgetting that they exist when pay day comes. “Hey you devoted the vast majority of your waking hours to your job this past week? Hmm. We honestly didn’t notice.” I would put this on the list of the absolute last things an employee wants to hear. Want to solve this immediately? See above! With most time and attendance software; until all time sheets are locked, closed, and complete, you cannot process payroll. Period.

3. Off-Cycle Items (e.g.- Commission, PTO, Bonus)

Now this sort of situation often causes problems because it varies from the norm. You may think you’re on track to have all pay problems in check. Then all of a sudden a sales guy goes and does something crazy like makes the company a whole bunch of money and you have to PAY him commission. What nerve! This issue is an easy solve. You can set up a workflow to comb through any off-cycle items before processing payroll. This will ensure that all of your Ps and Qs (bonuses, commissions, and more) are minded with every pay period.

If you do run your payroll and come across a few small missteps, you can still avoid a payroll rerun altogether. How? By cutting a manual check! Your payroll provider should supply you with check stock that looks exactly like their checks, so it is issue free! Any manual checks that you cut will just appear on next payroll.

If you have any further questions or need clarification on any of these, just shoot us a note. We will be glad to help you identify any of your big payroll problems and how to solve them quickly and efficiently.

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