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Top 10 HR Articles From 2015

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The year 2015 held many predictions as well as expectations in the HR world. There has been talk about the “new work world”, what direction HR is headed and a heavily discussed topic, how Millennials are affecting the workplace.

We’ve complied a list of the top 10 HR articles in 2015 to recap the year.

Do you have a favorite HR article from 2015 that’s not on our list?

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HR Trends For 2015

From Chloe Taylor on HC Online

Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report gave some insights as to what HR professionals could expect for the rest of 2015. According to the report, companies are struggling with leadership development at all levels, leading many employers to invest in new and accelerated models.

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Why We Love to Hate HR…and What HR Can Do About It

From Peter Cappelli on Harvard Business Review

The most vocal critics say that HR managers focus too much on “administrivia” and lack vision and strategic insight. These feelings aren’t new. They’ve erupted now and in the past because we don’t like being told how to behave—and no other group in organizational life, not even finance, bosses us around as systematically as HR does.

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Women Should Flirt More

From Tim Sackett on Fistful Of Talent

Fast Company expert blogger, Alicia Morga—named one of the most influential women in technology posted awhile back on Why Women Should Flirt, which was based on a research study about women and negotiating by Negotiation Journal. Is women flirting in the workplace a realistic behavior to applaud?

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10 Types Of Employees That HR Secretly Hates

From Suzanne Lucas on Evil HR Lady

People generally go into Human Resources because they like people. After a few years of dealing with these humans, HR people can become cynical. You would too if you had to deal with these types below. If you see yourself in one, stop it.

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HR Tech Is Getting Weird And Here’s Why

From Julia Scavicchio on HR Morning

Technology has progressed to the point where it’s possible for HR to learn almost everything there is to know about employees — from what they’re doing moment-to-moment at work to what they’re doing on their off hours. This article discusses the changes in the HR profession and where technology is driving the future. 

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Where Compliance Matters The Most

From Kevin W Grossman on Talent Culture

We’ve had a big year of ACA compliance guidelines for the up and coming year, and businesses being fined for not being compliant. Compliance is a necessity that HR cannot ignore, but it’s increasingly complex and it’s apart of many different areas of a business. 

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5 Ways HR Professionals Can Streamline Their Workflow

From The Balance Point Team On Balance Point Payroll

One of the essential talents of an HR professional is his or her ability to streamline workflow. This can make everyday tasks easier and increase overall workplace productivity. So how do you streamline workflow?

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HR ‘New Frontier’ for Data-Driven Business Strategies 

From Kathy Gurchiek on SHRM

Top executives are relying more heavily on HR leaders for innovative, data-grounded business strategies, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey of U.S. CEOs. Ninety percent of CEO respondents said it’s important that HR leaders be proficient in workforce analytics and more than two-thirds said this was “absolutely essential.” 

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Human Resources Shouldn’t Be A “Go-To” Function

From Sharlyn Lauby on HR Bartender

The evolving role of human resources and where HR can have the greatest impact is an ongoing discussion within many businesses. Human Resources needs to learn, understand, and be apart of operations to be a successful leader within their role. 

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4 Ways HR Can Help To Hire And Retain Employees In 2016

From Jean Martin on TLNT

HR teams are being asked to do their jobs in a very different organizational environment and do them more quickly than before. Check out these tips on how to efficiently do your job and still make good decisions in the process. 

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