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The Importance Of Customer Service Having A Single Point Of Contact

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the importance of a customer service single point of contactCustomer service plays multiple roles for a business.

A business wouldn’t be able to survive without customer service. There wouldn’t be anyone to solve problems, answer questions, talk to customers or potential customers.

For many businesses, customer service is a way to stand out from competitors.

Businesses of all types may have different protocols for their customer service staff to follow, however one very important one that all should have in place is a customer service single point of contact.

Why Is Quality Customer Service Important

A company’s customer service is what sticks out to a customer whether it’s good or bad experience. Having quality customer service can have positive benefits for your business.

Here are a few reasons quality customer service is vital to a business.

How Your Business is Perceived

How your customer service reps handle situations will reflect on the overall company.

A person will naturally decide that you have good products if your customer service is good and vise versa. The way your customer service team represents your company will play a part in how loyal your customers are.

The Difference In Sales

Everyone who works for you represents your business. However, the people with the strongest influence are sales and customer service.

The way a company can stand out is having a strong and united sales team and customer service team. The sales team can play a supportive role and work together with customer service to help get new customers and then successfully transition them to a loyal longtime customer.

Why Is Having A Single Point Of Contact important?

Some companies don’t have any policies in place when it comes to their customer service reps.

The phone rings, someone answers it.

However, other businesses have a dedicated support person for each customer. That is an important customer service guideline all businesses should follow. Below include some of the benefits from having a single point of contact.

Building Trust

Building trust is an ongoing process for a company.

However, customer service reps humanize the business and are a tangible person for customers to rely on. If you have a dedicated person for your customers to reach out to, they will build a relationship with that person.

Satisfied customers are more likely to give repeat business, and if they are satisfied with the support they get from their customer service rep, the more satisfied they will be by your product or service.


Having a single point of contact means a customer can pick up the phone and call their rep directly.

Functionally, that is way more practical than having to call a hotline and getting placed on hold until “the next available rep is available”, not to mention getting tossed around from department to department trying to get someone to help you.

In the end, having quality customer service is a great marketing angle. You can easily win customers over, and continue a growing relationship by how well your customer service team represents your company.

Having a single point of contact will help humanize your business, and build trust with your customers. Your company should do everything it can to make the customer have a positive and happy experience during their decision making process, and continue to keep that experience positive once they’ve become a customer.

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