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Reduce HR Drama and Track What Matters to You

What Good is Human Resources Without Support?

The Balance Point HR Support Center provides fast, direct access to qualified Human Resource professionals. Offering assistance from the initial interview through retirement, there’s no reason to “wing it” with HR anymore. We’ll connect you with an experienced, certified HR Professional to answer all your questions and work through your specific needs.

Effective HR isn’t just about compliance. It’s about development.

Highlights Include:

  • Phone or email access to a certified HR Professional that can assist with a wide variety of HR related issues/laws
  • Employee Handbook
  • Commonly used HR Forms such as: job application, offer letter, written warning, etc.
  • Hundreds of sample job descriptions
  • Performance appraisal templates
  • State labor law matrix (Need to know what the overtime rule is in Nevada? It’s there!)
  • Federal & State Labor Law Posters

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HR Consulting Done Right

Sometimes expert information isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s better to hire an expert to manage a process, rather than try to do it yourself.

Through our alliance with highly skilled local consultants, you can get exactly that. An experienced, qualified HR expert who will learn about your business/situation, recommend a plan, and then work to execute the steps needed to complete the project.

Here are a few use cases that would benefit from a consultant:

  • High growth: Effective interview techniques, proper onboarding, or legal issues in hiring process
  • High-risk event: Harassment, discrimination, or workplace violence.
  • Leadership/Staff development: Training programs to effectively “raise the bar” for the organization.

What can a consultant do for you?

The short answer is “anything that relates to your employees,” such as:

  • Recruiting help: Finding the right people, interview “do’s & don’ts,” and background screening.
  • Managing: Effective discipline, handbook development, investigations, and termination assistance.
  • Coaching: Leadership development, succession planning, and performance management.

Balance Point HRIS Puts Your People First.

This is the ideal resource for your Human Resources department. You’ll be able to track all the vital information on your people—profiles, skills, performance reviews, benefits eligibility tracking and so much more. This information is stored in the same database as your payroll information. Simply stated, HRIS is an electronic warehouse for your data.

Integration is a key element to eliminate duplicate entries and imports. Rather than multiple spreadsheets, data is entered once into the system then available for custom reporting and analysis. Our HRIS allows you to dramatically expand your ability to track each and every employee, from application to separation.

You’ll be able to:

  • Adjust all health insurance premiums at once
  • Track all applicants by storing documents in the system
  • Increase wages, of your high performers, on the effective date
  • Generate EEOC and OSHA reports
  • Manage COBRA tracking
  • Track benefits eligibility

Balance Point is Customer Focused

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