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We Provide Tools and Support to Maintain Compliance

Complying with health care reform is critical to your organization. Failure to do so can result in potentially severe fines and penalties. Consider Balance Point and your health insurance broker as your partners in health care reform compliance, here to make sure you’re on top of all requirements. Your broker’s expertise in this area, coupled by our robust technology, puts your business in the best position to be 100% compliant!

Unlike other HCM providers, Balance Point does not sell insurance on any level. Our commitment is to work with all of our clients’ trusted partners, including health insurance brokers, on their behalf. Balance Point remains true to our core competencies. We are not a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Our cloud-based solution tracks and maintains data concerning employee status, dates, and benefit offers of coverage, plan affordability, and related dependent information in a single database. Balance Point provides your broker with the Broker Workbench, granting quick access to the necessary information and the ability to run reports as needed to ensure your compliance.

Balance Point Payroll - Health Care Reform

ACA Reporting with Our Cloud-based Solution 

Identify and track part-time employees who have met the variable hours requirement for benefits.

Track internal employment status.

Identify employees who have a change of status in their measurement period.

Embedded safe harbor methods in reporting for modeling.

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