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We Work with Your Providers
to Make Your Life Easier

Introducing Singularity™—Balance Point’s Data Sharing Philosophy

We see ourselves as a critical part of your Accounting, Insurance, Retirement and HRIS network. We’ll work with your other providers to make your life easier. Our job is to make sure the power of your data serves everyone involved in running your business the right way. For instance, if your 401(k) provider needs custom reports, we’ll build them for you. We thrive on special requests!

This attitude has sparked what we call Singularity™—Focusing the Power of Your Data. Here’s how it works.

Balance Point Singularity Chart

Our custom reports streamline the audit process.

General Ledger:
Your payroll data, easily transported to many accounting packages.

Seamlessly share data with your broker, carrier, and more.

All the reports needed to comply, plus connections to your agent if needed.

Leverage the providers of your choice while getting all the benefits of integration.

Is the year-end 5500 census taking up your time? We can help!

Smooth out cash flow by paying premiums on a per payroll basis.

Let Balance Point send contribution data to your provider—save time and reduce errors.

Plan under audit? Our custom data export will streamline the process.

Hundreds of standard reports or we’ll build to your spec.

Leverage our applicant tracking system, then click once to hire and pay!

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