Our single point of contact model means that a dedicated Human Capital Consultant and a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) work together to provide stellar support for our clients.

Singularity, our data sharing philosophy ensures that the power of our client’s data serves everyone involved in running their business the right way.

Health Insurance Providers:

  • Monitor, track, and integrate any adds, terms, changes, and enrollments
  • Provide reporting and data needed for renewal
  • Prepare all tax forms required by IRS, DOL, etc. for clients
  • Request and run any FTE or ACA related reports at anytime
  • Monitor, alerts, and tracking of hours worked as employees approach FTE

TPA/Record Keepers and Financial Advisors:

  • Integration with TPA/Record Keeper on a per pay period basis
  • Automatically send employee deferrals to TPA/Record Keeper
  • Receive data from TPA/Record Keeper to complete full 360 degree integration on client’s behalf
  • Notifications of all hires and fires
  • Census reporting

Worker’s Compensation:

  • Pay as you go currently available with 20 carriers
  • Access to premium financing on a pay as you go basis


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