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Sharing the Love with Habitat for Humanity

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When we’re not doing payroll, we’re looking for ways to get involved and help our community. The team at Balance Point has always been enthusiastic about giving back, so when brainstorming about some new ideas, we decided to direct our attention towards organizations we know and love. Because they’re a client of ours, we already have an established relationship with Habitat for Humanity Newark- so they quickly came to mind as an ideal volunteer opportunity for us.

So on March 7th, a group of 6 Balance Point staff members got hands-on with Habitat for Humanity Newark. On top of sanding, hammering, nail-gunning, and sweating to help build a new home for a needy neighbor, Balance Point also made a donation as part of our new foundation effort. We hope this money will help Habitat for Humanity purchase some new tools and supplies for upcoming projects. . Thanks, Habitat for Humanity Newark, for giving us the feel-good warmth that makes us want to help more and more!

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