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Reasons Your Payroll Provider Should Not Use A Call Center

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?Reasons Your Payroll Company Should Not Use A Call CenterCustomer service is extremely important to a company because in many ways it is the face of the business. How the support team handles issues speaks volumes about the company.

From dropped calls to unmet customer expectations, call centers can often be a source of frustration for already irritated customers. ??

Adding To Customer Frustration

Anyone who has ever had an issue with their pay be it a late paycheck, an inaccurate paycheck, or even a problem with health benefits, can tell you that a quality customer service experience can make the issue much less annoying.

However, sometimes, when a company has to deal with a call center for payroll or other services, instead of dealing with a single point of contact, the experience can actually add to the frustration.

Instead of an employee discussing their issue with a familiar person, they may call a number and discuss their issue – from start to finish- with a stranger. And, even then, the problem may not get fully resolved. If that person needs to call back to further resolve the issues, they process may start all over again, with another stranger. 

What Happens When You Call A Call Center

?While many may think the customer service experience begins when the customer reaches an agent, the actual experience begins much sooner.

From the moment a customer needs to look up the number to the call center, their experience with the call center begins. Was the number easily accessible?

Was it a difficult number? Is it possible to easily memorize for further communications? From there, the customer may need to press multiple prompts and then wait on hold for an extended period of time before they even get to speak with a live person.

Once a live person is reached, the customer may be transferred to another agent, put on hold, or in many cases, the call gets dropped and the process begins again.??

With a call center, you get a different agent every time. Hopefully, your file has notes in it, but in most cases, you will have to explain your issue from start to finish each time you call.

While with one point of contact, you may even be on a first name basis with the person and have your issue resolved by the same person each time. ??

Why a Call Center May Upset Your Customers?

There are several reasons why a call center may cause anxiety to your customers, one of which, is the impersonal feel and detached approach one gets from dealing with an unknown agent. From the start, a customer is forced to pick through a menu of options before they can speak to a live agent.

From there, they may be placed on hold, transferred and made to explain their issues again and again until someone finally can help them. Even issues such as a language barrier, a non-local person, and speaking to a new person every time can be maddening.

In some cases, the agent may handle a variety of different companies and issues, so they may not understand one particular customer’s issues well. ??

The problem with upsetting a customer even once, causes them to believe that the customer service center will be like that every time. They could have ten great experiences and one bad one, and they will most likely remember the bad experience more than any other.

The Benefits Of Having A Single Point of Contact

?A single point of contact means that a customer feels that their needs will be met and their problem quickly resolved. They do not feel as though they are just a number, but rather an individual at a company that cares.

Because they have a single point of contact, they are less likely to get frustrated if they have a problem with their system or have an issue with payroll, or any other issue that may arise. They know who to contact, and feel comfortable doing so.

Even if the point of contact needs to put them on hold, they can easily call them back or send an email to let the customer know they are working on the problem. With one key person involved to handle the issues, there is less confusion, less frustrations, and far more satisfaction.

Building Customer Trust

?Not using a call center means the company’s employees can build a lasting, trusting relationship with their own team.

They don’t have to jump through hoops to speak with someone who can help them, and in most cases, they can get their problems resolved immediately – most often within one business day. ??

The benefits of having a single point of contact is a far better option when it comes to the satisfaction of employees.

Rather than multiple agents and being frustrated over issues, the customer can feel as though they are being taken care of and given the individual attention they need – that is true customer service. ??

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