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Payroll 101: Needs, Workflow & Process

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Understanding your needs, workflow, and processes is payroll 101. 

Payroll 101- Needs, Workflow & ProcessHow do you feel your company measures up on the operational front?

Do your established processes flow seamlessly, or do you desire a more structured, productive workflow?

In order to ensure your company’s operations run smoothly and efficiently, it’s important to monitor specific needs and workflow. Analyzing productivity and comparing it with employee cost is one informative business strategy. Improved payroll processes can be a useful tool to help you accomplish this task.

A Little Less Information, Please?

If you are an employer who struggles with info-overload resulting from the various requirements associated with payroll, it can be complicated to manage all these different processes and still effectively run a business.

Take, for example, Brian’s story.

Brian is the head of a company that matches American adoptive families with Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, and El Salvadoran orphans. The organization deals with legality, travel, and the overall adoption process.

With three different branches, each with their own lawyers, interpreters, and support employees, Brian’s organization employs over 50 people. Often, companies whose missions are to create positive change or simply provide the best services struggle with the managerial end of business, which can negatively affect the end clients.

For a long time, Brian felt he had to deal with payroll on his own – until he discovered access to a comprehensive payroll automation system that helped him identify efficiency and effectiveness at each level of employment for his workers.

How Can You Automate Task Management?

For a successful task management automation strategy, each of your employees should be able to collaborate and share information. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the overall organizational process. Your decision makers can assess the various roles of each employee and manager, as well as each individual’s effectiveness in fulfilling his or her role toward the common goal of advancing your business.

The payroll process is an ideal example of an area that benefits from the automation of task management as a result of its varied and sometimes complex components. It involves:

  • Creation of employee files for each pay period
  • Calculations of wages
  • Calculations of variable compensation
  • Consolidation of data
  • General reporting
  • Creation of a file containing payments
  • Possible transfer of file to payroll service provider
  • Check printing
  • Electronic deposits

Improve Your Workflow Management

When your business is running at its utmost potential, employees are likely working harmoniously toward the same end.

Conversely, when policies and procedures are disjointed and misrepresented, business can struggle and is sometimes doomed for failure. Which side are you on?

The difference between each of these examples is optimum workflow management.

Take advantage of workflow management systems to bring predictability and consistency, enhancing the overall stability of your organization. Policies and procedures are standardized, documented, and measured.

Through such a system, employees responsible for individual tasks are notified when those tasks have been completed, all of which can be electronically acknowledged. Every detail of the process is fully documented and shared online, helping you to streamline the process.

Because high-quality, automated workflow management systems are so detailed, managers can easily identify areas of systematic breakdown.

For Brian, this meant discovering that one of his employees was missing several deadlines that he had not caught beforehand, and he was able to take action to deal with the problem in his organization.

Enjoy the Benefits of Automation

Automated processes can also alert you when individual employees fail to properly complete documentation, or poorly execute tasks.

Analytics can identify the breakdowns cost for your company, if they occur primarily within a specific team, or if they can be attributed to a particular individual.

Comparing these costs to individuals’ overall productivity, and to the amount of payroll dollars they absorb, can inform you about the overall worth of an individual to the organization you have worked so hard to build.

Learn More About Payroll 101 For Your Business

Want to learn more about what workflow management and automated processes can do for your business?

Get more information about how you can step into the realm of automated processes and workflow management and beyond just payroll 101.

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