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Just What the CPA Ordered—Responsiveness. Accountability. Knowledge.

We see ourselves as an extension of your practice, and hold ourselves fully accountable for providing the best and widest scope of knowledge possible.

Our roots in the accounting community run deep. From the day Balance Point opened its doors, we have had a tremendous appreciation for the trust that’s placed in us with every client referral.

Why is Balance Point the provider of choice for so many firms?
  • Knowledge: Client Service Representatives (CSR) have years of practical experience in the payroll world, and are required to pass the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam. We strive to understand not just “how?” but “why?”
  • Accountability: We understand your name is on the line when you refer us. We provide solutions, not excuses. There will be no finger pointing. No blaming other departments. No transfers to random call centers. We’re local, and we’ll be right by your side when dealing with an issue.
  • Responsiveness: The best service is useless if it comes too late. Our mutual business is deadline driven, and we know the importance of a quick, accurate reply. We have systems in place to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Focus: We’re a payroll company, first and foremost. You can trust that if you refer a client, there won’t be a team of people soliciting them from the minute they run their first payroll. We know that it drives the client crazy, and how it makes you look. We are on your side.
  • Security: Be sure to check out our security section for more info on why so many firms trust us.

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The competition in your industry is unrelenting. Everyone is out to grab a piece of your market share in Health Insurance, Workers Compensation, and 401(k)—but not Balance Point. We are here to make you look stellar. It’s in our best interest to protect your most valuable asset—your clients.

Capabilities include:
  • Report all employer benefit contributions on the employee’s W-2
  • Connections to many health carriers
  • Benefit enrollment
  • Access to your client’s census data
  • Easily track employee information for plan eligibility
  • Download copies of our Employee Contribution Reports and company Payroll Registers via our Agent Portal
  • Reduce administrative work by providing real-time communications of new-hires and terminations by your clients
  • Deduction-level direct deposit to Health Savings Accounts

Property and Casualty Agencies maintain ownership of expiration on all accounts referred to Balance Point. Plus, we’ll build a seamless integration between payroll and workers’ compensation premium collection through your carrier of choice.

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Tired of other payroll companies soliciting your clients? More than ever, national payroll vendors are counting on Retirement Services in order to sustain growth. We understand and have developed tools that help everyone—the FA, TPA, and most of all, our mutual client.

You can refer Balance Point with confidence—under no circumstances will we offer competitive services to your clients.

Resources include:
  • Integration with several leading money managers and the power to create a custom upload file for anyone
  • Ability to accept and/or share participant changes (salary deferral changes, loans, etc.)
  • Ability to create census file to streamline Form 5500 preparation

Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Become a Balance Point Affinity Partner today.

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