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Paperless Payroll – The Benefits of Going Paperless

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Paperless Payroll - The Benefits of Going PaperlessKeeping The Green Greener – The Benefits Of Going Paperless

On the heels of back-to-back-to-back-to-back snowstorms here in the wintry-mix of New Jersey, the idea of paperless payroll seems smarter by the second. Everyone knows the benefits of digitizing payroll and direct deposit – it’s environmentally friendly, it’s easy, it’s more self-sufficient, less mistakes are made. But how quickly we forget on those bright summer days one other huge advantage, in a place like NJ where weather rules the roost – paperless is indestructible.

The Money Comes No Matter What

People will STILL get paid in nearly every possible situation…

  • Snow? Paid.
  • Flood? Paid.
  • Power Outage? Paid (probably).
  • Dog ate the pay stubs? Paid.

Here at Balance Point, as well as most other payroll providers, there are specialists who can work from home, even in extreme circumstances, to ensure that payroll is processed on time all the time.

With Paperless Processing We Are Totally In Control

What we can’t control –  Driving conditions. (Safety first!)

If roads are bad, drivers cannot drive, checks cannot be delivered and employees cannot get paid. That’s might be fine for most of the year in most places. But during a NJ snowstorm, a FL hurricane, a CA earthquake….you might think people have other things to worry about. But we promise you, because we’ve been through it, they are still worried about getting paid.

So pay them. Paperless.

Reminder: it’s 2015.

How Do You Run Payroll? Have You Gone Paperless?

Do you need help digitizing payroll and direct deposit? Find out more on how you can better your payroll process by going paperless. Click here to contact one of our payroll experts.


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