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Overtime Pay: A Change is Gonna Come (Maybe?)

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Don’t Let New Overtime Laws Overwhelm Your Business

This is news! If you’re used to having a bunch of employees linger around after-hours to finish up work, you might have to start ushering them out at the 5 o’clock whistle – or else start putting up the money to keep them around.

This is not news: the more information you have about your employees, the easier it is to make informed decisions about how to handle your options with the possible impending overtime law changes.

Having a TLM (Time & Labor Management) system in place will help you understand your time and labor costs and provide powerful insight that can assist with figuring out the proper balance.

Using TLM software, you can:

  • BE NOTIFIED when your employees are approaching overtime.
  • SEE an at-a-glance overview of individual employees, or company-wide averages
  • CALCULATE how many hours of overtime would justify a new hire
  • TRACK information over time to make decisions based on overall statistics within your business

Overtime Pay: A Change Is Gonna Come


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