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For years, HR professionals have had to cobble together data from a myriad of disparate systems: applicant tracking, payroll, leave management, time & attendance…the list goes on and on. The best workaround for many is to manually export out of one system and import into another. This is great when it works, but too often you’re left with slightly different employee records in each system- making it very difficult to learn from and act on the data being captured. If you’ve played this excel/csv game and are tired of it, get ready to be happy.

The secret is one record per employee.

The magic starts before the new hire is made- applicants apply via a branded site and enter their personal information.  Once hired, that information is used everywhere it’s needed and feeds your specific onboarding process, then every other part of the employee lifecycle. We’ll create custom workflows that automate key aspects of your processes. The result? Less chasing people down for tasks they don’t know they own. You’ll create accountability up and down the chain of command.

Picture this:

  • Assign tasks to hiring managers up and down the chain to facilitate onboarding (or performance appraisals, terminations, etc.) that automatically create checklists for the user. See Example.
  • Use email reminders and reporting to identify gaps.
  • Data tracked in one area is available everywhere else.  Payroll, HR, and Time & Labor all use the same employee record. All users access the same record, and simply have different views and permissions- no need to sync.
  • Need to better track Paid Time Off (PTO), overtime paid, license expirations, and more? Not only can will you track it, but workflows can be built to automatically remind/assign tasks to the appropriate people to handle it. The impact? No more chasing down people to complete forms, or remind them of processes they don’t often use.

Share as you see fit.

Need to provide data to partners outside the company?  With our solution, it’s as simple as exporting a report in the format of your choice, or as custom as granting your partner limited access to your data directly.  Benefits open enrollment is a great use case- imagine your insurance agent having the ability to manage open enrollment more directly, and without spreadsheets. It’s possible! Need a direct feed to the carrier? We can do that too.

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