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Is Technology Replacing HR?

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Is Technology Replacing HR-Business and HR news outlets are constantly buzzing about the advances in HR technology and their ability to improve workflow. But does this mean HR professionals are doomed to be replaced by computers? Consider these advancements in technology and how we can adjust to them with ease.

Talent Management Systems

One of the newest ways HR specialists are expected to streamline their workflow is through the use of talent management systems. One researcher, when conducting a qualitative study about their implementation, had a participant who remarked, “I’ve never led an HR technology intervention, but I’ve been the victim of them.

HR software implementations are often anticipated with dread, not excitement. So how can managers turn the tide? By investing in the “soft stuff” – communications platforms that are employee-centric and allow for connection. As one HR director who successfully implemented a new software initiative at a popular chain restaurant notes:

“The field particularly enjoys getting glimpses into what really goes on at the…support center and in other restaurants outside of their own.”

If you cater your software upgrades to your employees, they’ll be less likely to resist against the change.

Technology And Recruiting

You’ve probably heard that social media is becoming the new hot way to recruit. You can use hashtags to join local conversations and connect with local job seekers with a few mouse clicks. Best of all, e-recruiting is completely free. But that doesn’t mean you should start packing up your desk just yet. For all of our advancements in technology, there are a few things we haven’t created algorithms for:

  • Contributing new ideas, thoughts, and concepts to our work environment remains exclusive to people. Strive to be someone who develops, markets, sells, and builds.
  • Automation can’t close the deal. Negotiation, nuance, influence, emotional connection; these are all things a computer system cannot do for you. While the methods of sourcing may be changing, sitting down across from a desirable candidate and selling the position remains an exclusive domain of people.

Adjusting To Technology 

Remember that it’s people who bring companies the “next big thing,” not machines. To become an adaptable member of an increasingly automated HR world, there are some simple rules you can follow:

  • Be open to new technology; don’t work against it. Show you’re willing to work a new system or use a new tool. If you’re fighting against technological advancement, your bosses can find someone willing to learn.
  • Have a (sort of) forward personality. When it comes to recruiting, you have to be able to close the sale. That means being proactive and laying all of your cards out on the table when the time is right. Find out what candidates want, and figure out how your job opening can give it to them. There’s a difference between being forward and being pushy, so toe the line carefully.

While advances in technology may not render the entire HR population obsolete, it’ll make those who are set in their ways redundant if they don’t have the capacity to adapt.

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