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6 HR Technologies In The 2015 HR Directors Toolbox

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HR Technologies Move Fast

Ferris Bueller could see the tremendous HR technologies growth all the way back in 1986.

HR technologies move pretty fast, if you don’t stop to assess your position, you could miss something. That’s what Ferris Bueller said, right?

2014 was a big year for technology, and 2015 will be just as big if not bigger. Technology moves at an exponential rate, so the advancements that we begin seeing year over year will be tremendous. With that said, it’s important to understand that jumping around with shiney object syndrome will not help you achieve your business goals, and choosing a technology that you can learn and implement with greater efficiency is what will help your company reach success.

1. Consolidated System

According to Josh Bersin and Deloitte, 33% of companies have over 10 different HR systems.

Ten different HR systems?

We need to do better than that. And with those kind of numbers, I’m sure that most companies are running multiple systems.

That creates far too much room for error in various ways, not to mention the inefficiency of gathering all of your human resources data to gain any kind of actionable insight and likely redundancies of certain efforts.

In 2015, you should be be looking for a consolidated system with a fast and intuitive interface. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of existing solutions to find one, perfect all-in-one solution. But it does mean finding a solution that can combine your existing solutions and data into one place for easier management and understanding.

Technology has come a long way and there is no reason to be dealing with so many systems all the time, a clunky interface, or a slow experience.

2. Streamlined Data Tracking

Human Resources sits on the most valuable data for companies. Tracking that data accurately and efficiently should no longer be in question.

Faster, Better Talent Acquisition

Combining the information for recruiting and onboarding new talent with tracking and profiling employees should make the hiring process much more successful in terms of bringing on the best possible people.

Increase Profit

Understanding where time is lost, productivity is slowed down, and where different people excel at revenue generating activities provides the information necessary for the leadership team to make adjustments to strategy that will increase the bottom line and reduce expenses.

Smarter Workforce Management

When tracking everything more accurately and completely, you can also gain a better understanding of your teams workforce trends specifically (compared to “industry information”) and design better workforce management plans.

3. Simplified Reporting Tools

Collecting data is not the end goal for all of your efforts and investments. That information needs to turn into guidance for your company’s strategies and lead to improvement (however your company specifically defines improvement).

Executives don’t want or need to see the minutiae of all the granular information that’s available, they just need to know what’s important and what it means. Otherwise, you’ll lose their interest, and lose their perceived value of HR.

With all of this data you now have on your hands, you need to be able to simplify it and craft a story that provides actionable insights for the executive team. By leveraging a consolidated system as mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to much more easily create high level presentations for the C-Suite.

4. Mobile Workforce

Depending on your business, having a mobile workforce solution could be a must have. Not only are mobile solutions efficient and convenient for your employees, but they also help provide more specific data.

With the right mobile solution, you can:

  • Cut out paperwork
  • Reduce errors
  • Centralize data
  • Implement better time, labor, & location tracking
  • Use data to stay compliant

5. Training Resources

According to,  an estimated $145 billion is spent every year on employee learning and development, but fewer than half of those investments result in tangible return. By teaching employees how to learn not just what to learn, it has doubled the impact of employee training.

“The use of learning technology that help employees develop learning behaviors, and not just consume content. This approach doubles the number of employees with high learning capabilities, and makes it more likely that employees will be equipped or the new work environment.”

Technology is a great way to improve productivity and efficiency, if you know how to use it. Don’t let an older generation of highly talented top performers lose traction because they can’t leverage today’s best tools. Similarly, make sure you’re providing young talent with the professional development resources they need to become experts in their field.

6. Make The Shift To Cloud Solutions

If you haven’t already moved into the cloud solution space, now is the time.

Look to another industry for the innovation that cloud-based solutions can provide. Tesla, from the auto industry, is using networked software to power their cars.

Cloud-based solutions provide many benefits to companies of all sizes, such as:

  • Reducing the need for additional IT resources and technology infrastructure
  • Making upgrades and add-ons instant and effortless. Managed cloud solutions help you better manage your workforce, constantly keeping you on the leading edge — you’ll always have the latest software.
  • When you have a managed cloud solution, you’re always accessing the latest technology with unparalleled availability, security, and business continuity.

What HR Technologies Will Be In Your Toolbox In 2015?

Are you increasing current hr technologies or starting to implement new technologies this year?

Click here to join the conversation on LinkedIn and let us know your thoughts and plans!

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