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How Accountants Can Keep up With Technology

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How Accountants Can Keep up With TechnologyIf you want to stay on top of your game – and ahead of your competition – you must gather your industry news from the best sources. This will ensure you’re aware of the latest trends, statistics, and practices.

Consider The Following Sources For Accounting News:

Add Services To Keep Clients

Thanks to developments in software, compliance-based services like financial statements and even tax prep are getting easier for businesses to do themselves. To retain your clientele, go above and beyond basic services. You can add risk management, forecasting, or other financial planning services to your accounting repertoire. When you offer your clients more, they’ll likely continue utilizing your firm for more basic services instead of resorting to software.

Establish And Build Your Online Brand

These days, it’s rare for a company not to have a website. If you’re one of these firms, you’re already behind the technology curve. Develop a streamlined website with quality content to improve your search engine ranking in the form of blogs or online tutorials. If you speak with authority on your website, people are more likely to perceive you as an expert.

Another way to improve your online branding is by tapping into the social media stream. Twitter and Facebook are for more than just millennials; they can be powerful ways to connect with your clients and elicit new business. With Twitter, you can use hashtags to connect to conversations with clients and encourage followers. You may find you get more clients using social media than you would via “word of mouth.”

Use Technology Be Mindful Of Your Clients’ Time

Most of your clients are busy with the day-to-day tasks that come with running a successful business. You can use technology to your advantage to make things easier for them. Here are some ideas how:

  • Be detailed and thorough on your website about your services so your clients know exactly what you offer. Don’t make them have to call.
  • Consider sending out an email newsletter to your clients to highlight certain services, or offer proactive advice that will make you look like a trusted authority in your field.

Choose The Best Financial Software

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the best software package to suit your clients’ needs. In a constantly growing field where the most successful enterprises are often the ones featuring turnkey services, it’s important to stay competitive. Pick a comprehensive package that does everything; you won’t want to be in the position of having to learn different programs for payroll, auditing, and tax preparation.

Using new advances in technology can seem like a burden, but the reality is most new innovations are designed to be user-friendly with a shallow learning curve. Learn to use this technology to your advantage to elicit new contacts and impress your current clientele. Your business may grow exponentially, and clients will never have to seek out a competitor for additional financial services.

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