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8 Keys To Developing Leaders From Within Your Organization

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8-Keys-To-Developing-Leaders-From-Within-Your-OrganizationDeveloping leaders is a common theme for organizations.

How can you find leaders inside your company?

What characteristics do today’s (and tomorrow’s) leaders need to have in order to be successful?

Here is a checklist to incorporate into your process of finding and developing new leaders for your organization:

8 Keys To Finding And Developing New Leaders From Within Your Organization

1. What Is A Good Leader?

A good leader is an ordinary person who is capable of getting ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

They understand how to monitor and evaluate what team members are doing and give them more freedom and responsibilities to manage projects that take advantage of their specific strengths.

2.  Recognizing Zeitgeist – The Culture Of A Particular Period In Time

Are they able to identify what’s going on inside and outside your organization?

Do they see the possibilities that already lie within your company?

Can they manage the kinds of influences that are within your company culture?

3. Experimental Approach

Adding something new and valuable can be beneficial to you and your customers. A win-win scenario once executed and in full swing.

A leader knows how to experiment and take calculated risks that can produce tremendous success for both the company and your customers.

Worrying about limitations (such as budget, time constraints, etc.) might prevent you from giving something of value to your customers. If you have something that’s in demand, build value for your customers first, then worry about overcoming the limitations later.

4. The New Definition Of Hacking

Hacking used to be used as a negative term as a way people were getting into your private information. The meaning of hacking has shifted to breaking into finding a new way to work more efficiently.

Tomorrow’s leaders are hackers who find the most efficient ways to accomplish big things. Finding the small hinges that swing big doors.

5. Be A Relentless Builder And A Curious Learner

Leaders should always be solving problems within your industry, but also within your organization.

Your leader should have a knack for learning more about your organization to solve how you can better add value for your customers.

6. Act Like A Movie Producer

Movie producers are visionaries of a big picture (literally) project and manage the high level of every aspect to create an amazing product. But they don’t dabble in the details of execution, they let the pros do their thing.

They have a project, vision, talent, monitor, build, productive iterations, wrap up, fire again, sell it or close it down. That’s the order in which movie producers start and finish their products.

Good leaders need to have their ears and eyes on everything within the company and have the ability to know what makes them successful but more than that, where they need improvement.

A leader following this approach will be able to produce tremendous value for the company and the customers.

7. Do They Pass The Doorway Test?

How do people feel when this person walks in a room? Is part of a project?

Do they uplift their teammates and bring positivity to a situation? Or are they draining energy or putting a damper on momentum?

8. Be Genuine

Your leaders need to be truly interested in others.

Do they make time to ask how things are going for them personally? If they care about their teammates and their work, it will show in the team’s production and end results.

Bonus Insight

9. Leaders Don’t Need A Title – Handle Their Promotions Accordingly

A leader can be anyone in your organization from the bottom to the top. Don’t mistake promoting someone with developing leadership.

Handle promotions as a way of the individual taking on more responsibilities not just a reward for good work/perform appraisals yearly.

This is post is based on notes from Kathleen Colatrella from LINEA System taken during a recent seminar presented by Mike Shapiro of On The Spot Insights.


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