Balance Point Launches New Website, Expands Services

Glen Rock, NJ (PRWEB) March 11, 2014

Balance Point Payroll, a Glen Rock, N.J. based payroll outsourcing firm serving the needs of small businesses throughout the New Jersey/New York area, is proud to unveil a newly updated website and expanded integration services.

“We’re proud to announce the availability of Singularity™, which allows for an easy exchange of payroll data to the partners of our valued clients.” said President of Balance Point, Jason Jovanis. “More than ever, business owners want the power to choose the vendor that best meets their needs, without having to worry about how their employee’s data will be transferred. Singularity allows for integration with our clients entire vendor ecosystem: retirement, workers compensation insurance, and much more. For too long, small business owners have had to balance the desire to provide great benefits to their employees with the high administrative workload these plans can create. Singularity simplifies that process.”

Business owners are sometimes unaware of the reporting requirements of employee benefits until they’re put into place. For example, retirement plans such as 401(k) offer a critical benefit to employees, but require employers to move data and funds every pay period, and complete a complex employee census each year. Another example is workers compensation insurance, which requires audits at the beginning and end of year, unless payroll data is provided to the carrier. While integration options exist at national payroll providers, choices are limited to those that they decide to sell to their clients. The power of Singularity lies in its flexibility – if our client’s partner accepts data electronically, we’re committed to streamlining the process.

“While price will be an important part of the conversation, our clients tell us over and over the value Balance Point brings is a willingness to do whatever it takes to make their lives easier and more efficient,” said VP of Operations, John Egan.

About Balance Point:
Balance Point is a privately held firm offering custom payroll, time and labor management, and human resource solutions for small to medium sized businesses. The company’s personal, hands-on approach focuses on simplifying and enhancing the payroll process while building long-term relationships with clients.

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NJ Law Update

On January 21, 2014, Governor Chris Christie signed into law an amendment to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (“NJLAD”), N.J.S.A. 10:5-12, prohibiting employers who know or should know that an employee is pregnant or recovering from a pregnancy from discriminating against the employee in her terms and conditions of employment.  The law is effective immediately.

Prior to the law’s enactment, pregnancy was not recognized as a protected class under the NJLAD unless complications arose from the employee’s pregnancy such that it could be classified as a disability within the meaning of the NJLAD.  The new law requires employers to treat women who are pregnant no less favorably than non-pregnant employees in their terms, conditions and privileges of employment regardless if they suffer from injuries relating to the pregnancy.

In addition to recognizing pregnancy as a class protected from workplace discrimination, the law also requires employers to provide the pregnant employee with reasonable accommodations relating to the pregnancy upon the advice of the employee’s physician.  The law provides a non-exhaustive list of examples of accommodations that could be reasonable under certain circumstances including bathroom breaks, breaks for increased water intake, periodic rest, assistance with manual labor, job restructuring or modifying work schedules, and temporary transfer to less hazardous or strenuous jobs.  Employers must grant the employee’s request for a pregnancy accommodation unless to do so would cause an undue burden on the employer’s operations.

Employers should modify their existing policies to comply with the new law.  If you have any questions about these requirements or for further information, please contact us!


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Payroll Outsourcing a Valuable Tool for Today’s Nonprofits

Small- and medium-sized businesses are not the only companies that can benefit from outsourcing payroll and other administrative functions. Amid challenging economic conditions, outsourcing these tasks can help a nonprofit organization streamline its operations, increase productivity and focus on its core mission.

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