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How Do the Alternative ACA Plans Stack Up?

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The fate of the Affordable Care Act is in the hands of the Trump administration. Uncertainty looms over how many, if any, of the current elements will remain in place once a replacement plan has been named. While the fourth open-enrollment of the ACA drew to a close, protests popped up across the country.

From a silent “mourning” of 60 gatherers at a cemetery in New Orleans, to a rally of hundreds of medical students and professors at Northwestern University as part of a larger White Coats for Coverage effort, the pressure continues to mount.

To help prepare you for what may lie ahead, FaegreDB Consulting has prepared a one-sheet resource comparing six of the replacement plans that are currently up for consideration. The chart outlines each plans’ approach to core issues of federal health care law. Credit goes to our resource, health insurance innovator, Michael Lujan for bringing this to our attention in his article on LinkedIn.

Alternative ACA Plans

Alternatives to ACA chart

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