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9+ Ways To Reward Employees Between Raises

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9+ Ways To Reward Employees Between RaisesRegularly evaluating employees is smart smart smart. Smart for you to get a handle on their contributions, personality, attitude, and level of engagement. Smart for the employee to have an opportunity to raise any questions, give opinions on a project, discuss their role, and of course get feedback on their work. This also gives you opportunities for being creative with how to reward employees.

But this does not mean that every single evaluation has to be met with the expectation of a raise. There are plenty of other perks to offer employees if you do routine small evaluations where the employee is showing improvements.

When your budget is limited, you can satisfy employees with a great and many wondrous things.

How To Reward Employees Without Giving A Raise

1. Free lunch

free lunchThe way to every employee’s heart is through his or her stomach.

2. Bonus Half Day

Don’t want to donate money? Donate time!

3. Work From Home Day

If you can’t afford to lose someone’s work for a day, offer them a freebie work from home day. If they already get one, offer another! It is nice to multitask at home and everyone will appreciate your recognition of work-life balance.

4. Flex Time

(if your office is amenable to it) Make your own hours for a few weeks. 8-4? 9-5? 10-6? You do you.

5. Recognition

Employee of the month was invented for a reason!

6. Premium Parking

With a great review, comes a great reward. Everyone loves the #1 parking spot.

7. Schwag

company schwagHave a coveted item like company-branded sweatshirts? Now is the time to dole them out.

8. A New Opportunity With A Bonus Potential

“You did great, try this out THEN we can talk about $.”

9. Special Office Benefits

In a professional environment, it could be as simple as a free pass to dress down for a while. Or make it fun – like choosing which coffee is brewed in the kitchen or which music is on rotation in the office. Or if you have a spare desk in a great office, offer rotating time for positive reviews.

You can even have a backhanded benefit like they’re exempt from refilling the water cooler for a month. Take their worst task away from them for a while.

Try out a few of these and everyone might just be on their best behavior to compete for positive reviews!

How Are You Rewarding Your Employees?

Join the conversation on LinkedIn and comment with your non-monetary employee reward ideas!

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