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5 Mobile Time And Labor Solution Benefits For Your Business

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Mobile Time And Labor SolutionBenjamin Franklin once famously said, “Time is money,” and like most of Ben’s adages, this statement has proven itself to be true. Loss of time often directly affects the bottom line, and exactly how much is at stake can easily be visualized using a mobile time and labor solution for your business.

Mobile Solutions Cut Out The Paperwork

Paperwork–just the word itself connotes drudgery and boredom. There’s a natural tendency to put off anything that’s paper-based, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to higher productivity. It’s easy to become disorganized and allow paper to pile up–even in our digital world.

Reduce Errors

For a business, paperwork is inherently inefficient: it’s prone to errors, ripe for corner-cutting, and, it’s usually not a pretty process to transform paper-based data into easy-to-read information. In this regard, mobile workforce systems are truly solutions to many of the problems that working with paper often bring.

Centralize Data

First of all, these systems centralize data. No more looking for timesheets, thumbing through heavy binders, or sorting stacks of files. You can log in to the dashboard and data greets you in an easy-to-read visual fashion, also making it painless to understand information and draw conclusions. You can notice trends promptly, and be empowered to make changes as a result.

Mobile time and labor systems offer a single software solution: one login to remember, and nothing to import: the data’s all there. Most systems work well with mainstream accounting programs, such as QuickBooks, and can automatically export work times for payroll needs.

Better Time, Labor, & Location Tracking

More and more employees are taking advantage of flex time and work-from-home opportunities. Studies say these non-traditional workplaces increase productivity, but as a manager, you are accountable for workers reporting time honestly and accurately. Or, you may have a workforce that is always in the field.

How easy is it for you to keep track of their efforts?

Instead of reading many papers or emails (neither of which have location tracking), you can log on and see in real time where everyone actually is and the times they have been working. Mobile solutions may be the best fit for mobile employees.

Use Data To Stay Compliant

As labor regulations change and shift, it’s important to stay on top of compliance requirements. With powerful data at your fingertips, it’s easier to see if breaks are being taken, or time limits have been reached. And if you are the unlucky recipient of an audit, you have access to information that will keep your business out of danger.

Are Mobile Time And Labor Solutions Right For Your Business?

As with every new initiative, employee buy-in is key. Will workers welcome this change or will they feel like Big Brother is watching their every move? What’s in it for them?

One advantage is access for employees:

  • View their HR data and see what you are seeing
  • Keep track of their own time and self-manage priorities
  • Greater understanding of scheduling needs to better plan holidays and comp time, which can boost morale.

Another advantage is accuracy. Employees can view and verify that their HR records are correct, so there should be no surprises. Also, for every employee that cuts corners, there are those who go the extra mile, which may sometimes fly under the radar.

Now, there is an accurate record of their efforts. Mobile solutions for time and labor can also be accommodating to employees. They can submit records when it’s convenient for them, saving them them time and even expense.

Using mobile time and labor management systems, the relationship between time and money can be made instantly clear, which, in turn, can keep you in the clear.


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