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5 Apps For Rewarding Employees

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the importance of employee feedbackIf you’re looking to retain talent, employee satisfaction is a huge factor. Employees want to be reminded when they’re doing a good job.

Recognizing an employee’s job well done can help boost productivity and improve employee retention.

There are many traditional ways you can reward employees in between raises, however you can take a more modern approach and incorporate technology when giving employee recognition.

Below are 5 apps to help recognize and reward employees:


iappreciateiAppreciate allows you to recognize employees for the smaller, day-to-day victories as well as recognizing larger achievements. Managers can also help celebrate career milestones and anniversaries.

A bonus feature allows employees to send encouraging messages to each other as well as post victories to social media.


socialcastIf you’re looking for a way to increase employee engagement, check out this app to help encourage employees. This allows you to get everyone on the same page. If you’re working on a project, this is a great way to open the lines of communication among the team, and allow employees to ask questions.

Having open lines of communication is great and the app also encourages employees to work together to offer suggestions and solve problems.


globe forceOnly Globoforce provides a complete mobile recognition experience: nominate, approve, receive, store and congratulate peers–all on your mobile device. With native iPhone, Android and mobile web apps available, employees can participate in every facet of recognition from any smart phone.


giveawowThis app promotes peer recognition. This can be an important part of your company culture. Of course employees want to know they’re doing a good job from their managers. However, knowing that you’re a part of a team and co-workers find your work to be helpful, is also a great way to improve productivity.

This is also a great app for rewarding employees. Managers can be in complete control and set up reporting tools to ensure the right people are awarded. Awards vary and can fit almost any budget.

This is a good way for managers to be involved and monitor what’s going on, but at the same time really encourage employee engagement.


Uncover is really cool software that allows you to send perks to employees to keep them motivated throughout the month, as well as rewards so you can make sure employees are being recognized for staying late, or putting in weekend hours.

How To Improve Employee Turnover – Employee Recognition

Most companies look for ways to reduce employee turnover. It may sound simple, but creating a work environment where employees feel appreciated is important. This is a great way to track employees’ productivity and goals in between performance reviews as well.

Using technology is also a good way for managers to stay organized and keep up with what employees are doing.

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