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401(k) Partnerships Announced With 3 Leading Providers!

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Today we’re announcing integrations with three leading 401(k) providers:  Lincoln Financial, Fidelity, and OneAmerica, in our never ending quest to make our clients and partners lives free of data movement frustration!

401(k) Partnerships with Fidelity, OneAmerica, and Lincoln Financial Group

Administering a retirement plan is complex and unforgiving- salary deferrals, loans, matching contributions – all need to be calculated and  tracked properly in payroll then remitted to the plan recordkeeper in a quick time frame.  For Balance Point clients though, the process just got much easier.  Every pay period, we’ll handle not just the calculation of the correct data, we’ll also sent it securely on to the provider.  The result?  No more manual uploading of data.  One less headache, one less bit of liability off of the shoulders of our clients.  That’s Singularity, and it’s part of what makes us Different.

And finally, for those clients that use a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in addition to a recordkeeper, we’re happy to share relevant data to them as well!

Want to learn more about our 401(k) partnerships?

Please drop us a line at or, if you’re already a client-

Learn more about Fidelity >>

Learn more about OneAmerica >>

Learn more about Lincoln Financial Group >>

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