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10 Security Measures To Help Secure Your Data

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10 Security Measures To Secure Your DataData breaches are everywhere and any kind of business can become a culprit, no matter how unlikely it seems. Often it is not necessarily the company’s fault for failing to take the proper measurements – criminals have a way of inventing new methods to get the information they need. (Remember way back when liquid wasn’t a threat on airplanes?)

Not to scare you, but in light of a recent data breach, how secure is your payroll company….and your very, very delicate files of data within their cabinets and computers? Here are our suggestions for best questions to ask when selecting a payroll provider:

Do They Have An Alarm?

Alarms add an extra layer of security, plus alert the business when something goes awry so messes can be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Do They Have An Access System (e.g. a key fob, fingerprint scanner, etc. to get in the door)?

This will severely limit the number of people who have access to the business’s physical location and therefore, any information as well.

Does The Access System Monitor Employee Activity (who is in and out)?

The ability to monitor employee activity helps keep staff accountable and also tracks who has access to sensitive information at any given moment.

Do They Have An SSAE 16 And SOC Doc? (Request these of all financial institutions)

These documents are proof that a payroll company is audited and cleared with a stamp of approval for processing correctly and professionally.

Do They Have A Disaster Recovery Plan – Is It Tested And Documented?

For example, can they remotely wipe information from a stolen computer? Can they recover information quickly if necessary? Do they have a hot-site where information is stored in the event something happens to the building itself?

Do They Keep Hard Copies Of Documents?

Hard copies should all be stored in a locked cabinet and/or a locked room with limited access.

Do They Have Expired Hard Copy Files Professionally Disposed Of Or Shred?

Shredding documents with this level of detailed information is a must.

How Often Do They Refresh Digital Security And Encryptions?

Digital security should be a big priority. If an old employee can still log into the system with the same old password, then they need to update.

Are Computers And Cell Phones, Especially Ones With Sensitive Data, Locked With Passwords?

Not only should the company system be protected, but every individual employee’s computer should also have password protection – and one that requires password updating every so often, at that! (Don’t forget personal items that are also used for work!)

Who Has Access To The Information?

The less people who are privy to certain confidential information, the better. Employees should only have access to what is absolutely crucial in order to get their jobs done.

Of course, there are circumstances where even maximum security can be compromised! But every precaution is a step further from a disaster and towards a completely safe and secure environment. Why take chances?

Please note, Balance Point is happy to be forthright about our own security measures and will answer any questions that our clients may have regarding this information.

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